europa FAMILY

Once upon a time...

The story begins in the spring of 2017 when Jules Selukov, the future head chef of Moon restaurant, first moved to Fjærland for work after spending 2 years working for the Shangri-La Hotel Company in Oman. It was love at first sight: the abundance of nature, the freedom, and the scenery all combined to make him want to make Norway a job into a home. From there he was joined in 2018 by his brother Nicolas who was working in Paris for Alain Ducasse. Together they moved between Sjusjøen, Fjærland, Florø, and Egersund before settling down in Bergen to open their first business together: Moon Restaurant

Moon Restaurant is a French restaurant that opened in April 2021 in Bergen where we make use of the best Norwegian ingredients, combine them with French cooking methods and end up with new flavors, complex textures, and dishes with a story. It is the founding member of the family to come and is a well-renowned establishment amongst Bergen's diners. Two years in and our work has been recognized by a mention in the Michelin guide, great feedback from our guests, and the expansion of our team with JP from France and Maite from Spain in the kitchen and Jaqueline from Germany in service. The next member of the family was ready to come into the world: Europa restaurant

Europa Restaurant is the first project to see the light of day after Moon Restaurant opened in April 2021. It opened its doors in Florø in May 2023 and puts the emphasis on our shared European heritage. There we focus on classic European dishes, good wine, cocktails, and a direct link to the Kinn brewery. We're multicultural and proud of it, we have a view of the harbor, and our founding staff Jan from Slovakia, Mike from Ukraine, and Rodrigo from Portugal are looking forward to hosting you! Close behind Europa is our next project: Bacchus Vinhus

Bacchus is all things wine. Named in honour of the god of wine and pleasure we strive to give a good time to everyone passing through our door. Open in June 2023 the Bacchus project is spearheaded by Kabir our Spanish sommelier and the food will be prepared by our chef Miguel from Mexico. We aim to make the perfect matches between wine and food and hope you'll come and see for yourself. Bacchus is where a bar meets a restaurant, where guests come for a drink and stay for the food. As wine enthusiasts Kabir and Nicolas also launched their own wine school: Moon Vinskole

Moon Vinskole is the educational side of the family. It's here that Kabir and Nicolas offer their own courses and are also approved program providers for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). WSET is the biggest program provider in the world for wine courses and through Moon Vinskole we aim to spread joy and knowledge that will benefit everyone: from winemakers to wine drinkers. Whether you're looking for an introduction to the world of wine or for in-depth knowledge, Moon Vinskole has got you covered.