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Beyond crafting great meals, we take pride in supporting local farmers, fishermen, and producers. Our commitment to sustainability and community shines through as we forge meaningful partnerships that strengthen Norway's culinary tapestry. And one thing we cannot wait for welcoming you.Welcome to Europa.

Jules Selukov

Co-owner / chef

Born and raised in the beautiful Jura mountains in France. This is where he first discovered his passion for cooking. At age of 14, he was already honing his culinary skills in cooking school. Post graduation, he moved to Singapore where his father and brother were living. There he was working full time in a string of high-end restaurants for several years. His next adventure took him to Oman, where he stayed for two years and in 2018 he made Norway his home. Fast forward to spring of 2021, he and his brother opened the doors of 'Moon' restaurant in Bergen. The restaurant quickly gained a favourable reputation in Bergen's food scene and a spot in coveted Michelin guide recommendation. In 2023 he teamed up with Jan and Rodrigo to give Florø a taste of their culinary magic. They opened 'Europa Restaurant' in May 2023 and have undoubtedly been cooking up a storm since then!

Nicholas Selukov

Co-owner / sommelier

Sommelier and co-founder of Moon Restaurant in Bergen. Nicolas has been interested in wine since his teens and decided to pursue a career in hospitality straight out of high school. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Hotel school The Hague which in turn allowed him to travel and learn from big players in field, amongst them The Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La and Ducasse brands. Pulling experience and expertise together, him and his brother decided to open Moon Restaurant in Bergen in 2021. A successful endeavour breeds ambition the brothers are now co-operating a brand consisting of Moon Restaurant and Bacchus Vinhus in Bergen and Europa Restaurant & Bar in Florø.

rodrigo barros
Co-owner / chef

Born in Leiria, Portugal, he embarked on his journey in the world of hospitality at the young age of 16, when he enrolled in culinary school. From that moment on, he was always drawn to this industry. However, it was in 2014, amidst the stunning beauty of the Highlands in Scotland, that Rodrigo's passion for the kitchen was reignited. Since then, he has worked across Europe in charming boutique hotels, river cruises while constantly honing his skills. In 2019, he enrolled in study at the renowned Culinary Institute in Barcelona, specializing in the field of healthy integrative cooking. And just when you think his story couldn't get any more interesting, in 2020, he decided to embark on a new adventure in Norway, where he crossed paths with Jan and Jules. Well, that story is still being written now in Europa Restaurant.

Jan marinic B
Co-owner / chef

Hailing from a quaint town in the eastern region of Slovakia, he found his passion for cooking at a very tender age. Growing up, he would often be found in the kitchen, assisting his mother and grandmother, although tasting was his favorite part. His fascination with various cultures and cuisines eventually led him to culinary school in 2003. Post his culinary journey, he began broadening his cooking experience by working in diverse countries across Europe. Some of the countries he had the privilege of working in include France, Cyprus, England, and Austria, to name a few. His passion for quality ingredients sparked his dream of owning a place of his own. He shared his ambitious plan of launching a restaurant with Jules and Rodrigo, and now, he is finally living his dream, exploring his passion without any constraints.

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